Effective healing, pain relief patches for back pain

patch for back pain

Many people know firsthand what back pain is. Sometimes it completely paralyzes a person, the slightest movement is given with great difficulty, sometimes pulling pain sensations accompany for a long time, reducing the quality of life. Those who first felt the symptoms go to the doctor, others who encounter the problem more than once try to cope with it on their own. The primary task in this case is to eliminate pain and stop the inflammatory process. There are various forms of analgesics: injections, tablets, rectal suppositories, ointments, gels, patches for back pain.

Pharmacological group

pharmachologic effect

Analgesic (non-narcotic) drugs. Anti-inflammatory local drugs.

Indications for the use of a patch for back pain

Using a patch is a very convenient way to help yourself get rid of the unpleasant symptoms caused by degenerative-dystrophic changes in the spine. Indications for the use of patches are hernias, osteochondrosis, chronic myositis, spondylitis, subluxation of the vertebrae. You can’t count on an instant reaction, the therapeutic effect is slow due to the intake of small therapeutic doses, but the side effects are minimal.

Release form

If earlier we were familiar with only one type of plaster - pepper, then at the present stage it exists in various forms of release:

  • pain relief patches for back pain, made using: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; local anesthetics; medicinal herbs; bioadditives;
  • warming patches - using mustard, pepper to produce an irritating effect on the body;
  • retaining heat - does not contain medications, but has an internal reflective surface;
  • with the use of chondroprotectors - agents that restore the cartilaginous tissue of the joints;
  • combined action.

Names of medical patches

In the modern pharmacological market, patches are represented by a fairly wide range. To understand and choose the right one, we list their names and brief characteristics:

  • nano-patch for back pain is an innovative development designed to relieve inflammation, pain, swelling, resorption of bruises, relaxation of muscle tension. The therapeutic effect on the affected area occurs due to the metal powder, which creates magnetic and infrared fields. It is a plate with an adhesive substance applied to it, and then a protective film, which is removed before use. Plates are sold in three sizes: 7 by 9cm, 9 by 12cm and 11 by 16cm. Most effective in complex therapy with other drugs of the same direction;
  • Chinese plaster - products are made of a fabric base impregnated with various medicinal compounds. It can be pine resin, myrrh, drynaria, ginseng, beeswax, black ants, chili pepper, cinnamon, ginger root, menthol, camphor and other natural ingredients. The patch is perforated, so it does not prevent the penetration of air to the surface of the skin and does not disturb the metabolism. In addition to symptomatic treatment, it has a healing effect on the entire body, because. the medicinal substances of its ingredients penetrate the bloodstream and spread through it to all tissues;
  • pepper patch - for its production, red hot pepper is used, which creates an irritating and warming effect, and belladonna, which contains tropane alkaloids, their pharmacological effect is to relieve pain and relieve spasms. It comes in plain and perforated. The latter is more expensive, but it is preferable because of the more beneficial effect on the skin;
  • anesthetic patch - a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is applied to its surface: with an area of 70 cm2- 15mg, 140cm2- 30mg. It treats inflammation, pain, swelling with damage to muscles and joints;
  • magnetic plaster - the use of a biomagnetic field in combination with medicinal herbs (myrrh, girdling, sophora japonica) - an innovative development of Korean and Chinese scientists aimed at damaged musculoskeletal tissue. It is effective for back pain caused by torn lumbar muscles, intervertebral hernia, cysts on the spine, inflammation of the joints;
  • Japanese patch - its active ingredients are methyl salicylate and menthol, the pharmacological action of which is aimed at pain relief and inflammation. There are several types of such products, some of them have a slight warming effect, others have a cooling effect;
  • a patch for back pain with an anesthetic that blocks pain signals through the pores. Acting directly to the nerve endings, it has a minimal negative effect on the body and is preferable to other forms of the drug. There are three types of such patches;
  • warming patch, it contains metal powder, activated carbon, salt and water. Irritating the surface of the body, relaxes muscles and reduces pain;
  • mustard patch - irritates the nerve endings of the skin, improves blood circulation, reducing pain.


Medical plasters eliminate back pain, relax muscle stiffness, under their influence congestion and inflammation decrease. The pharmacodynamics of the Chinese patch allows you to apply it to the region of the cervical vertebra with its osteochondrosis, it leads to the restoration of blood circulation in the brain, relieves migraine attacks, relieves tinnitus. Warming patches activate the flow of blood in the places of application, which ensures their therapeutic effect. The mechanism of action of the patch is based on the inhibition of the synthesis of prostaglandins - hormone-like substances that affect muscle contraction.

Lidocaine patch inhibits the increase in permeability to sodium ions, which gives stabilization of neuronal cell membranes, thereby blocking pain sensitivity.


Plasters, in which natural substances are involved, have not been studied for pharmacokinetics. The active substance of the patch is excreted mainly by the kidneys, its half-life is 1-3 hours, lidocaine is 1. 5-2 hours.

Dosage and administration

Each type of patch is supplied with instructions for use. Based on the instructions contained in it, the nano-patch is applied to the skin for 12 hours, after removal, the next one can be applied after 6 hours. The maximum course of treatment is up to 9 days in case of chronic pathology of the joints, spine. In inflammatory processes - from 3 to 9, and bruises, hematomas - 3-6.

A Chinese plaster, including a magnetic one, is glued to the painful area, having previously cleaned it with alcohol or detergent, left for 2 days, the next one can be applied after 6-7 hours. Repeat for 2 to 5 weeks.

Japanese impose at 8 o'clock.

The application of pepper, mustard is carried out on a fat-free area after the protective film is removed from it and left for a day or two. With a strong burning sensation, it is recommended to remove, and not to endure, lubricate the skin with petroleum jelly. The next treatment should be carried out after some time or the patch should be moved to another place.

The anesthetic patch is left for a day, the duration of treatment is no more than 14 days.

The patch with lidocaine is kept on the body for 2-10 hours, it is applied once a day, the duration of wearing is 12 hours, the total duration of treatment cannot exceed more than two weeks. 3 plates can be used at the same time.

The patch is sometimes applied to a light fabric during the daytime, because. it causes intense stinging. The period of its action is up to 10 hours, you can re-use it only after 24 hours.

Application for children

The efficacy and safety of most of the proposed patches in children has not been studied. With confidence, we can recommend pepper, mustard in the absence of a local reaction.

Using a patch for back pain during pregnancy

Studies regarding the treatment with a Chinese nano-patch during pregnancy have not been conducted, therefore this category of patients is not recommended. Warming patches: pepper, mustard in the lumbar region can cause undesirable consequences during pregnancy. It is best to refuse the use of an anesthetic patch for the entire period of bearing a child and feeding it. It can cause miscarriage, heart disease in the early stages, in the third trimester - delayed labor or the duration of their course. This also applies to lidocaine patches.


Hypersensitivity to the components used in the manufacture of the product, prohibit its use. The patches are not applied to open wounds or damaged skin. Warts, sutures, neoplasms, fresh sutures are also contraindications for use. Warming patches are not recommended for patients with thrombophlebitis, with elevated body temperature and high blood pressure. Painkillers should not be used by people with asthmatic manifestations on the reception of acetylsalicylic acid and other NSAIDs, open stomach ulcers. Lidocaine patches are not suitable for older people over 65 years of age, with diagnoses of hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, arrhythmias, and heart defects.

Side effects of the patch for back pain

Medical patches can cause local side effects. Before use, it is necessary to study their composition so as not to provoke an allergic reaction to one or another component. Pepper, mustard patches can cause burns, painkillers - unwanted reactions in the elderly, as well as those with kidney, heart, and liver diseases.


Due to the low dose of the therapeutic substance entering the bloodstream when applied topically, its overdose is impossible.

Interactions with other drugs

There are warnings about interactions with other drugs for those patches where drugs are used. So, the anesthetic patch should not be used simultaneously with other local non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances, but lidocaine does not have such warnings.

Storage conditions

Some types of patches are sold in packs and may not be used immediately. They should be stored in a dry place out of the reach of children.

Best before date

The average shelf life of such products is 2-3 years, it is indicated on the packaging of each type.


Analogues of the described patches are other applicators similar in therapeutic effect, but with a different pharmacological effect, as well as analgesic and anti-inflammatory therapy in the form of tablets, injections, physical procedures (therapeutic exercises, massage, electrophoresis, darsonval).


There are many people who experience back pain. Even after the relief of acute attacks, the pain makes itself felt for a long time, but you need to maintain the normal rhythm of life, work. In this case, according to people's reviews, it is very convenient to use just this form of treatment. The patches are thin, they are not visible under clothing, they do not leave marks on it and do not hinder movement, they are odorless, not addictive, and due to the point application, they are actually not able to have undesirable side effects. It is difficult to name which patch is the best and most effective, because. all this is individual. Having removed the pain that does not allow movement with applicators with painkillers, you can resort to warming ones. To feel warm during the day means to relax the muscles and experience comfort.